Everybody has a story

and yours is waiting to be told...

It can be so difficult to get great photographs of ourselves. Images that truly represent our authenticity, our range, photographs that show who we are – naturally.

The pressure these days to ‘take a good selfie’ to show our best side online is immense. We have platforms such as Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram and our own Websites that require us to be seen. The consensus belief is that we should look a certain way, as if we have it all worked out, that we are sorted, or fixed.

This can, of course, invite all sorts of anxiety, as we scrabble looking at various photographers websites, not knowing who to choose and potentially, spending hundreds or even thousands on overproduced, characterless images. Shots that honestly don’t portray us and when we aren’t happy with the results, we are very reluctant to use them to represent ourselves in the world and thus, we remain hidden.

When I look at the standard studio headshots and portraits scattered around social media, I feel they lack something vital. They largely feel two-dimensional, you could say they are functional, that they serve the purpose to some degree, i.e, putting a face to a name – but intuitively, I believe we yearn to see and feel something more. As curious human beings longing for connection, we ask, ‘who IS this person really, and what’s their story?’

I want to help you tell YOUR story through lifestyle portrait photographs and words. I want people to see the real you and because of this, feel utterly compelled to reach out and connect.

Story Portrait Sessions

So much more than just headshots.

Story Portrait Sessions are for purpose-driven individuals doing great work in the world. My mission is to photograph you and have you be seen in your most authentic light. In this way your world-work reaches a much wider audience, opportunities open up and the right people find you.

Along with being a lifestyle portrait photographer with a passion for stories, I am a practising Purpose Coach. For the past 11 years, I have helped individuals get clear on their unique mission and calling in the world, to express it through their work and in how they lead their lives. Story Portrait Sessions are the marriage of my two passions.

Here’s how the process works…

1. The alignment Conversation

We start with a conversation about what’s important for you to capture in your photos,  the types of portraits you would like to create, we discuss the tone and the qualities you want to portray. We’ll talk about where and how you’ll be using the images and touch on the story you want to tell on the day.

2. Writing your own ‘Hero’s Journey’

I’ll send you a series of questions pertaining to your life and ask you to reflect on and answer these important ‘pivot points’ in your own words. I’ll also send you a Hero’s Journey map for you to reference, this features hints on what you might chose to write about and will help point you, to where to look for your answers. Complete these answers and return to me in readiness for our shoot. This will be the accompanying text to your unique Story Portrait.

3. Date, time and location

Following our alignment conversation, I’ll offer up my availability via my scheduling software and you can decide when would work best for you. Currently, I mostly shoot Story Portraits in London – there is, however, the possibility for me to travel to a location of your choosing depending on my availability, this will incur additional travel and time out expenses.

4. The day of our shoot

We’ll meet at the agreed location of choice. Somewhere that has meaning for you. This could be a recognised iconic spot, a park, in nature, somewhere in the city, in your workplace or in your home if you live in London – I believe it’s important for us to be in the geography that supports you, contributes to your story and has significance for you.

We’ll then spend approximately 2 hours or so together, taking a variety of portrait and lifestyle shots, walking and talking, unfolding your story.

Everything we discuss and share in our Story Portrait time together will be completely confidential.

5. Selected photographs

After a lead-time of 30 days, I’ll share approximately 12/15 of the best shots from the day with you, I will have lightly post produced them and I will have given them a subtle aesthetic, a distinct look so that they feel like a coherent set and work together.

These shots I’ll provide to you in high-resolution jpeg format for you to utilise as you wish. They will also be the shots I use for your Story Portrait feature.

6. Building your story

The final stage of our process is building your Story Portrait page. I’ll take the 12/15 post-produced photographs plus your Hero’s Journey copy and build a beautiful and unique photo story from them. This will be featured on this site. You can then share and link to your story from all of your social media profiles and from your Website.

Story Portraits are a rich, unique and intimate portrayal of who you really are. They tell the journey you’ve been on and show a real and authentic side of you. Story Portraits instil trust, they start the conversation and potential clients love them. This is the perfect platform to tell the story that truly means something to you and through this, enrol people to your mission that matters.

The Story Portrait Package.

– Our initial 30-minute ‘alignment’ conversation
– Suggestions for the shoot location & how to prepare
– A two/three hour, London based, photoshoot with me
– Post Production and colour toning of 15 to 20 images for your story
– The creation & build of your unique Story Portrait page
– Supply of the featured Story Portrait images in high resolution

– A full 45 minute ‘unfolding’ coaching session with me via Zoom to help you get the most from your written story. I’ll help you focus on what needs to be heard, work with your confidence to reveal it, own it and ensure your most captivating ‘Hero’s Journey’ is told.

– On the day of our shoot, a 30 Minute, coaching session to transition you into a place where you feel connected, relaxed, and totally in touch with your truth, any nerves will dissipate and you’ll feel ready and confident to go.

– Supply of many additional winning photographs taken on the day of our shoot.

The Story Portrait Package: £795. Monthly Payment plans are available if required.